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Sarah Bromley Ceramics

Beautiful, hand-crafted pottery in Reikorangi, Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast

148B Akatarawa Road, Reikorangi, Waikanae
The gallery is open by appointment.
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Sarah Bromley: Kāpiti Potter

Sarah’s studio is situated on three acres of orchards and gardens surrounded by nature in beautiful Reikorangi on the Kāpiti Coast. She teaches beginner wheel classes at Ōtaki Pottery Club, and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Ceramics at Otago Polytechnic.

Sarah has exhibited work in group exhibitions at the Ōtaki Pottery Club, and has had various market stalls in Waikanae and Reikorangi. Sarah also worked with a group of potters to create the Paekākāriki Potters Market.

Her passion is the making of beautiful everyday objects for people to take pleasure in and Sarah aims to blend form and colour in each unique piece, so that every cup of tea (or coffee), or bowl of pasta, is transported from mere functionality to a ritual pleasure. She delights in the idiosyncrasies of glaze layering, and the alchemy of creating her own glazes. Sarah enjoys trying new techniques to give interesting effects, inspired by the beauty of the surrounding natural world. Sarah is hooked on that sense of magic and wonderment every time she takes work out of the kiln. Some of her favourite pieces are the ‘happy accidents’ that are never planned or expected.

About Sarah Bromley

“I am Sarah Bromley and I am one of the beginner wheel tutors at Ōtaki Pottery Club. My pottery is inspired by the colours and forms of nature where I live – 3 acres of orchards and gardens in Reikorangi in the Akatarawa valley.

I have been tutoring since the beginning of 2022, and potting since 2021. I am absolutely passionate about making fabulous functional ware that gives people pleasure to use, and I sell my work both locally and nationally. I teach people the basics of pottery, how to make a cup, a bowl, a plate and jug, as well as wedging and centering clay, and confidently pulling up walls to make their own pieces. I also teach the basics of glazing, and applying slips, underglazes and oxides to pieces, and various other ways of decorating work while my students learn. We fire our pieces at the clubrooms, and they get to enjoy having their own beautiful pottery to use at home, and to share with family and friends.”